Arctech has wide experience in design of electric heating systems of any complexity. Their implementation is especially important for oil and gas companies located in the North, since they enable trouble-free operation of Christmas tree, shut-off and control valves at pipelines, process monitoring tools and other equipment at the negative ambient temperature. We offer the heating solutions for the following applications:

  • Pipelines
  • Tanks
  • Construction sites
  • Christmas trees
  • Pulse lines
  • Instruments

Depending on operation conditions and other specific features, our experts select the most effective and efficient electric heating system for you. Arctech owns a number of its own developments and implements solution proved at the global service market. This technology is based on the use of self-adjusting cables, various heaters, protecting units made of fibreglass and special fabrics, as well as automatic control systems. Our experts have developed the proprietary automatic heating control system communicating with remote equipment through Wi-fi, Ethernet and RS485 lines, enabling remote control and instant data acquisition.