Our equipment for potentially explosive zones is manufactured subject to all relevant specifications. Due to features and application of our products, we pay special attention to their quality and user-friendliness. Arctech develops and produces various control, alarm and lighting systems for potentially explosive and general industrial zones. They include control panels and cabinets, as well as equipment for lighting systems and motor control. Lighting solutions

We offer finished lighting systems of various configurations of two types depending on operation conditions:

  • For potentially explosive zones
  • For general industrial applications

They differ mostly by enclosure material and mounting type.

Due to the use of special materials our equipment is highly resistant to vibrations and other mechanical and physical factors.

Alarm solutions

Sound and light alarm systems, as well as other Arctech products are designed for the use in qualified explosive zones. We offer the complex alarm solution.

Our system includes the following components of various configurations and types: a horn, a siren, a buzzer, as well as annunciating and warning displays.

Instrument protection and heating

The system protecting instruments against cold, sunrays and chemicals includes:

  • Pre-isolated pulse lines
  • ARCTECH protection unit made of fibreglass or composites.

The use of pre-isolated pulse lines jointly with protection units provides for integrity of the instrument heating system, eliminating weak unprotected points and enhancing power efficiency of the system.

Temperature-controlled flexible pipes and Osnaline® isolated and heated pipe bundles are manufactured in shop conditions. They can serve as innovative and cost effective alternative solution superior to existent traditional equipment designed for on-site installation.