System ARKTECH®-ULTRAX is a high resolution ultrasonic erosion and corrosion monitoring tool which provides quick response to wall thickness changes in pipelines and vessels, the system is based on PipeMonit® system . It is non-invasive, installed and operated without interfering with production.

ARKTECH®-ULTRAX ability to provide fast and accurate wall thickness loss makes in a cost effective tool for real-time feedback of corrosion inhibitor programs. Sensors are rated for hazardous zone. ARKTECH®-ULTRAX sensor matrix is retrofittable and installed simply by strapping the sensor to the pipe. No gluing, no welding and no hot work permits required. ARKTECH®-ULTRAX wall thickness monitoring is based on the well-established ultrasonic pulse-echo method.

Some key advantages are:
• Accurate erosion /corrosion feedback increases the service life of pipelines
• Real-time feedback on the effectiveness of corrosion inhibitors makes a significant OPEX saving
• Accurate wall loss history enables reduced inspection and intelligent pigging activity
• Accurate and direct sand erosion monitoring
• Monitoring of selective weld corrosion and heat-affected zone (HAZ)corrosion
• Fast and maintenance free installation
• Being retrofittable, the sensors can be relocated without expert support